Fall Sky

October 17, 2008
By Cody Knight, Blacksburg, SC

The seasons have carried your memory long into the future.
Time has not forgotten what has happened all those years ago.
The leaves fall and scurry away as if running from me in fright.
The sky is a beautiful grey like that of an artist’s pallet.

The cold air reminds me of the night we went our separate ways.
History will not let me live, the ghosts of our past became our shadows.
Let it be known that time will not define who I am.
I will not let the colors of the fall and past memories change my outlook on yesterday.

And I will not let the indolent wind carry my independence in its hurry like it does the leaves. As I walk down this narrow side road surrounded by this silent orchestra of leaves, grass and snow, I wonder what it was that tore us apart.

Was it a sick joke conspired by fate in order to amuse himself? Or was it just meant to be that way from the start? But there is no time for questions. So forever more I will walk this narrow road in the fall waiting for answers to the questions that make up my life.

The author's comments:
If you guys like my work let me know. I've applied to a private art school but I didn't get accepted, I can't beleive they didn't like poems like this.

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