Don't talk to me of love

October 17, 2008
By Brianne Fee, Portage, MI

Don’t talk to me of love

Don’t talk to me of love
You don’t know what love is
You think that love is lust,
And that they are the same thing
Well guess what
There not
Lust is just physical love
You know sex
Love is more then that
Love is having that connection,
That feeling
With only that one person

The that no one else would understand
Even if you explained it a hundred different times
Not that you can explain love
Love is explainable to a point
The point where the hugs and kisses can be imagined
But after that
You can’t
You can try to
Explain why you get the butterfly feeling in your stomach
Just from seeing that person walk into the room
But no one will understand
Don’t talk to me of love

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