A Prayer

October 17, 2008
By kailey kaneshiro, Honolulu, HI

Lord I give you my prayer from my bleeding heart.
Needles pierce it from every direction
And my blood flows a deep red stream
On the soil that was once fertile.
With every pulse is a plea for help
To teach me how to glorify You,
Though my heart is breaking.
To raise my hands in praise and
Gather strength from your love.
Lord put my feet on solid rock and
Help me to build a house once again.
Help me to rise above the waves with your truth.
Lord, allow me to lie in your arms
As I soak in your peace.
Take the scales from my eyes
So I can see things as they are.
Fill my heart with your life
And let it beat only for you.
I give my life for you to use.
It’s in you I trust,
My refuge
My Lord

I’m tired and weary
From burning bridges I cannot live without
Because I allowed my hand to be shaken
And set a burning heart ablaze
Destroying everything in its wake

I listened to whispered lies
That soon turned into persuasive demands
Those lies became a companion
Feeding me false joys and happiness

All I can ask is that
"You take me as you find me
All my fears and failures"
Because Lord my
"Spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak"

It’s through You
That I find my rest
It’s by You
That I am redeemed

You know my heart
And you know when I meant for right
But stumbled into wrong
And you know when i meant for peace
But it crumbled into war

So fill me with Your Spirit
And take my life
In Your hands
Because I lay it down to You
Because it's not through me
But through You
That sins are washed away
So only by You
Will I be washed clean

You're the God
In whom I trust
My Savior
For all eternity

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