Let Him In

October 17, 2008
Tears of hot agony stream down her pale cheeks
Her lips tremble as the cold sets into her heart
Her body shakes while she tightly grasps her ribs
Fearing that if she didn’t they would break
Her mind spirals a scream for help
While darkness dances around her
And pain kisses every inch of her skin

No one
No one can understand
But one

She cries out to Him
Reaching out with what little strength she has left
But her body erupts with another set of vicious shaking
And screams with the effort to keep form breaking
The world grows cold and silent
A suffocating vine that holds her prisoner

But there’s one
There’s Him

She prays with her aching heart
Words that cannot reach her lips
Her mind seeks Him
Her body yearns for His embrace
The fire that burns her from the inside out
Turns into an undeniable passion
For Him

Her tears wipe away the kisses of pain
The darkness highlights the light that’s within her
Calm sweeps before her
And she breathes in His name

He found me when I was lost
He understood me when I was misunderstood
He welcomed me when I was shunned
He forgave me when I was unforgivable
He cleaned me when I was tainted
He saved me
He can for you too
Let Him in

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