Summer Night

October 17, 2008
Darkness falls,
Void and sudden,
Huge and lonely,
Life is frozen all around,
It is peaceful.
I lie on my roof, drinking in the moonlight.
Stars appear, bright and clear,
An endless blanket of darkness.
Stars fall, darting between the suspending lights.
The wind wraps around me.
It seems eternal,
I lie there, waiting for sleep to appear
Soft music of crickets, lull me into a stupor
The rustling leaves of the tree reaching for the moon
Wind whispering above my head.
But all things come to an end.
The sky shifts from navy to indigo,
The morning star appears.
The sky is a fire, of pink and yellow.
The golden orb rises above the sea of rooftops
And the warm rays drown me into a sleep.

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