October 16, 2008
By Megan Rhynold, Black Harbour, ZZ

I'm alone again
So very alone.
Where have all my friends gone...?

I do it to myself.
Over and over.
How many times now?

I think I'm bleeding
To blind to tell.
To alone to care.

Where has everyone gone...?
What happened to tomorrow?
Nothing but empty promises
Hollow words
And hidden bitter meanings.
Ah life.

I'm basking in my solitude
Playing Russian roulette with time.
One moment I'm alive,
The next...
Who knows?

I think I'm moving.
Though I might be standing still
Did you stab me...?
I'm to numb to know.

Hello loneliness,
We meet again.
People are mean.
Why don't I ever learn...

To dependent on liquid.
So sweet, so addictive.
Gone once spilled.

People, people.
Drain away.
Sweet and bitter
I can't really tell the difference anymore.

Rain drops in my veins again.
Too many countless hours of oblivion.
Even drugs hate me.

Eluded. Deluded. Concluded.
Can't escape fate,
Take what I've got?
I think I'll fight till the end.
Not far off.
My tunnels short.
Only got two shots.
Missed once, impossible to escape.

I'm alone, deranged.
Just playing roulette with time.
Turns almost over.
I've been waiting too long...


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