If Only We Could

October 16, 2008
By JP Gaskin, Atlanta, GA

If only we could

Amid the burning ashes of this sorry world I stand
Mourning for what could have been
Had we all just tried to fight against
The injustice of it all
Why can’t these dictators who oppress
Give up and instead help
The poor people to whom
they unjustly dealt
A punishment so cruel and harsh
I wouldn’t wish upon my enemies:
To live in poor and poverty
And eventually starve to death
Why can’t we all just get along
And play nicely with each other
The world would be so much better
If only we could…

If only we could live lives
Free of quiet desperation
It seems we all just run
The rat race to survive
Yes, we’re surviving
But nobody’s thriving.
If only we could take a step back
And re-evaluate our lives
I think we would all realize
Every moment is precious

If only we could…

I stand upon a pile of fears,
Of forgotten hopes,
And dreams cast aside
Of love destroyed.
Why can’t these things be nonexistent?
Why must their presence haunt everyone?

If only we could…
If only we could
Face the things that cause us pain
And conquer them
And bring about a change
A change for the better
A change that should have happened long ago
Instead we choose to suffer
Because we are afraid

If only we could…

If only we could
Be granted courage from above
We would face our fears
And victory would be like a drug
We would do more than survive;

If only we could…

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This article has 1 comment.

Josh7 said...
on Oct. 26 2008 at 3:28 am
I think your writing style is very good. I really love how you point things out and show things could be and should be. Great writing.


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