Illusion of Reality

October 16, 2008
There's so many things in life that will never be used.

But who's to say that you are one of the those things- never to be used.
Filler for the earth.
Just to create the illusion of civilization.

The person in a movie that has the sole responsibility of walking past the street past the lead character.. Just to make it look real.
Their job is to walk and not face the camera under any circumstances.
A Cameo Appearance.
3.5 seconds of "Fame" - An illusion at the very most.

Yeah so they can say to all their impressed friends and family..."Hey , that new multi-million dollar movie with the well known director and the overpaid media soaked actor? Yeah im in it. Yeah I walk by him while he's walking towards the huge but generic plot twist."

Not exactly how you would word it.. but thats how its translated when someone hears the words 'new movie' and 'insert overpaid director here' with 'insert crappy and generic actor that gets much more attention than nescesscary here'...

Seriously though, Is that what you are?
Count to Five.
No I lied.
Count to 10.
No I lied.
Count from your first breath to now.

Have you wasted your life?
Are you just a cameo in the bluescreen illusion of society?
Are you the 3.5 second "Movie Star" in the backdrop of this fake illusion of civilization?
Ask yourself?
Are you the one who merely stands there or walks by while everyone else or at least somebody else is actually doing something?
Are we all fake?

If we are all fake then aren't we all at the 'normal level' since we're all the same?
Is the definition of fake changed to normal is everyone is fake?
A 3.5 second movie star star walking past someone who is not filler?
IS that what you are?
Are you filler?
Are you an illusion?
I lied.
Are you a mirage scanned copy of a fake illusion?
I lied.


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