The Things I (Never) Tell You

October 16, 2008
By Taylor Gould, Corinna, ME

I have never been with someone who makes love
(unenjoyable) like you do. The (small amount of) time
we spend together reminds me how amazing(ly
unbearable) forever seems.
And it’s so fitting that because of that, I can’t picture myself
living a day without you (telling me why I suck).
There are so many things I (never) tell you, dear,
so many reasons why I (hate to) love you. So many
(sorry excuses for) sweet nothings
which I want to whisper in your ear.
I’ll tell you (that you make me unhappy and)
time goes by so slowly (and quietly) when you’re gone.
There are a lot of things I (never) tell you.
I hope that maybe this poem sheds some light
on the fact that (even though I don’t like you)
I love you.

(I love you.)
I (really do) love you.

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