Sestina of October

October 16, 2008
By Amy Vennemeyer, West Chester, OH

It’s October! A month of colors
A time when the winds become brisk
Sweaters are pulled on
To prepare for the chill
And costumes are being carefully made
While a night of fun comes

Although the winter is coming
We continue to celebrate the month of colors
Spooky scenes are being made
To get ready for a time when we briskly
Run through the October chill
With clever masks on

Quickly pulling disguises on
While beyond the front door, lurks many chills
Oh, October night, we are coming
To dance along with your changing colors
And though the night is brisk,
There are rounds to be made

Pumpkin-shaped cookies, lovingly made
For the trick-or-treaters on
The front porch, in the briskness
Many witches and pirates come
To celebrate a night of wild colors
And sent up my spine are many chills

I open the door and brave the chilliness
For I know our haunted decorations must be made
Perfectly combined, are the dark colors
That have been hung on
The house, so when visitors come
They may see our creativity as they arrive, oh so briskly

Because the air has become so brisk
Hardly anyone dares to stand outside in October’s chill
I smile at the sunrise that comes
Dancing over the horizon, and the rainbow it makes
Will forever linger on
For never have there been so many wondrous colors

Slowly passing, are October’s colors
They will never leave, if one’s heart makes
A memory in which everything is remembered as well as October’s chill

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