The Puppeteer

October 16, 2008
I spit in your eye,
Scratched your ear off,
Stitched you back together,
And still you scoff
"You're broken, you're broken,
An unfinished melody,
A sore in the mouth,
Don't you dare sing to me"
I tore at your lip,
Rapped your chin,
Made it all better,
And still you win
"Go away, go away,
Mirrors break you,
Time to lose
A crack in your shoe"
I bit your nose,
Stepped on your cheek,
Put you to sleep,
And still you speak
"Lullabies, lullabies
Won't work on me
Not yours anyway,
Why won't you see?"
I cracked your knuckle,
Cut off your hand,
Gave you mine,
And still you ran
"Come back, come back,
Sorrow won't melt,
Not on my tongue,
Thick like winter felt"
You pulled my secret,
Kissed my shame,
Stole my self,
And now I am tame

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