blinded path

October 16, 2008
By Anonymous

If your eyes are the pathway to the
soul, then you are blind in everything
you do.

You try to walk but stumble, not
because of a fault in the pavement, or
the looseness of your feet, but for the
sake of knowing you're charmed by
the endearing path.
Leading your blinded eyes with the
misfortune you picked up, only to find
that the Branch's guidance is to a
misguided end.
With no straight road to take, you
make a turn of where the wind blew
and tossed you, of where the Branch
had told you.
Its Splinter has poked, pried, and torn
open the innocence of your once
blinded eyes, making you see nothing
but lies that were strewn behind.
A pathway that had lost its warning
and danger signs, made its way to a
place that has lessons with obligations,
turned into the consequence of every
litigation you tore it to be.
So tearing once more to the edge of the
rip, one intelligent mind was all it took
to make that split break that started it
To deceive, to lie, to cheat, to steal
there was no more that the Branch
could deal.
It was the ace of the game and you
had lost, making once known, to all
those at the cost.

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