Since You

October 16, 2008
By Kayla Ward, Livermore Falls, ME

Things haven't been the same
since you've been gone.
For a while I wondered
how I'd carry on.
The emptiness inside,
t aches all the time.
That is the reason why
I am writing this rhyme.
The day you left me
I didn’t understand
What was going on?
I didn’t think I would never see you again
I wish I would have said goodbye to you
When you were in the hospital
I regret that now
I was just to scared to see you
I cried all day
And I cried all night.
I say I'm okay,
But I'm not quite alright.
I know it has been several years
Since you left me
I was only 8 when you died
But I still cry about it each and every night
I still have nightmares
About you almost every night
I need you
Now more than anything
I wanted you to be here with me
For the rest of my life
I didn’t want to let you go so soon
Why did he take you away from me?
Grammy I miss you
I really wish you were here
When you left my world came crashing down
I was a confused little 8 year old girl
How can I pretend
That I'm not still in pain,
And wipe away the tears
That fall like rain?
This is my promise,
A vow I'll keep evermore:
You'll be in my heart
Until I reach Heaven's shores

This is dedicated to my grandmother Hilda. She died in 2001 when I was only 8 years old I still miss her with all my heart we were so close she was everything to me. I feel so lost without her here she left me way to soon I have had this big hole in my heart ever since she left me. but I know she is always here with me always in my heart.

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