Her Heartbeat

October 16, 2008
By Chelsea Lawrence, Upper Jay, NY

It is her personal drug,
Flying out her mouth like mini slugs,
Burning out from deep within,
It screams for her, screaming ‘sin’.
The music comes flowing from her soul,
Pushing her pulse out of control.
All the words flowing off her lips,
Sticking in her brain with a tight grip.
It all forms her heart beat,
Filling her up slowly like concrete.
Her grip tightens on her life,
Holding back great strife,
As she jolts herself back to the game,
She realizes it’s hers to claim.
She steps on with the rest,
Knowing she’s not the best.
Forgetting everything on her mind,
Letting herself drop it and be blind.
Getting ready and silencing her mind,
Shoving all thoughts of anything behind.
The music taking her over,
Not thinking about anything until after.
Diving onto the floor putting it out there,
Gaining the victory for us all to share.
Together we stand, together we fall,
All for one and one for all.

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