The Cage

October 16, 2008
By Maria Murga Aaron Brown, Woodbridge, VA

The cage is slowly burning
These light, joyous wings
Falling down, so hurting
These lies continue their sings

I look behind my shoulder.
The people I used to love
I think of my past happiness
My precious one’s from above

Though I can’t reach forward
The cage holding me back
My life so crumbling down
Bit by bit, by act

My smile turns to a frown
My weak, weary eyes
Look up farther
Where is the truth to these lies?

I hold tightly to the bars
Of this cruel, cruel cage
Calling out for love
Someone to calm my rage

The black, darkened sky
The rusty iron chains
Oh, how I wish to fly
I am not quite deranged

Not even a man
Could take on such pain
Or understand my tears
My heart so painfully slain

Feathers fall from the sky
As I lay on the ground
My wings no longer useful
Suddenly a sound

The cage suddenly opens
My eyes still eerie dead
“Can you maybe save me?”
The thought runs through my head

I cannot even see
But words whispered, I hear
“You’re no longer alone,
Let me drive away your fear.”

Why such sudden hope?
Can I really be saved?
It is really possible?
The thoughts so painfully rave

I get back up
Stop the weeping days
Though I have been scarred
I accept what may

Why can’t I feel good enough?
Wishing to feel the love
Of one I truly give my life
Though maybe I should give it to whom above

I walk to the end of the cage
Close to going out
You reach out your hand
“Come, be free!” I hear a shout

Has this pain become part of me?
I’m compelled to stay
Have I gone insane?
Longing for the hurt, I may

I grasp the door tightly
Looking back and forth
I care too much to go
Yet my life is torn apart

It’s now my life, y’know

The author's comments:
Two people wrote this, not one. We decided to put our minds together and we think this poem turned out very well. Hope you like it.

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