Before Last Words Were Famous

October 15, 2008
A Familiar sound from atop a Hero's hill,
Then silence befell the wood,
His eyes fixed on nothing as his knees dove into the scarlet pool of his brother, his father, his son

The Foe approached with a demeanor masked by a young man's ignorance while he clenched back anguish with rotted teeth,

The struggler with a valorous resurgence,
Consigned a father's grit,
Before final words were uttered,
"You must learn from this."

The very mouth that coughed the words was muted by a second blast,
Staggering, he collapsed against a withered oak once acclaimed by the forest for its wisdom,

Warm scarlet cascaded down the trunk,
Hope from a hero,
Life for the dormant,
Roots drank,
Limbs stretched,
Trunk grew,

With a valorous resurgence, the oak stood high above the rest,
With a father's pride and a heart in its chest

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thestockholmrobot said...
Oct. 20, 2008 at 3:06 pm
These are the lyrics to a song of mine...please listen to my band's music!!!
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