Dying Alive

October 15, 2008
By Hagan McGilvray, Springfield, GA

There once was a party, Everyone had to go
You were considered "uncool" if you didn't show
People snuck out to attend this event
Knowing there'd be drinking, if they went
They left about eight to buy the beer
This was to be the biggest party of the year
They showed their ID's even thought they were fake
Knowing all along their lives were at stake
But they didn't care, they were young and naive
Being cool was their only goal to achieve
Truckloads of people started to arrive
Not knowing they wouldn't make it home alive
The drinking started and so did the dancing
Later knowing there'd be some romancing
It started to get late, people were leaving in pairs
They would be drinking and driving, but they had no cares
Their 1st mistake was getting into the car
They weren't worried, they weren't going to far
Jumping inside they sped off
Still drinking, they were so wasted they weren't even thinking
They rounded a curve going way to fast
Not seeing the car they were about to pass
They hit head on and flipped 3 times
With the memories of that night going through their minds
The driver woke up in a hospital bed
Only to find out, his best friend was dead
Not only was he, so was the victim
He waits for the day that they must convict him
He'll never forget that horrible sight
A valuable lesson was learned that night
He served his time, 5 years in prison
Only to find out that no one missed him
A terrible mistake ruined his life
Because of the "fun" he had that night
Drinking is no way to try and fit in Remember, It may not kill you, But it can kill them.

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