Up There in Heaven

October 15, 2008
By Michaela Moore, Merton, WI

Good morning old man
Today is your day.
Its time to get up,
Go out and play.

Play with the birds
Up high in the sky
Look at God
Straight in the eye.

He’ll tell you my prayer,
All the wonderful words I said.
About how much I’ve missed you
Since the day you were dead.

I said how much I love you
And how I missed what we shared.
How much I can’t stand it,
How much I care.

So get up old man,
Go out and play.
Play your heart out
Until it’s my day.

And when that day comes,
I hope you will see
The love in my eyes
And how much you’ve missed me.

From that day on
Everything will be great.
I’ll have you back
After that very long wait.
I’ll be back in your arms,
The place I’ve missed most.
It just isn’t the same
Hugging a ghost.

So get up old man,
Today is my day.
We’ll finally meet in heaven,
I’m finally coming your way.

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