I Can't Feed Your Empty Stomach With Words

October 15, 2008
By Nicole Simet, Hillsdale, NJ

Are you hungry?
It's too bad I can't feed you
Unless you want your stomach filled with sadness
You can go back to her
She's like your steak, isn't she?
Warm and savoury
Can I compare to that?
I'm more like air in your stomach, aren't I?
My thoughts are as twisted as the Gordian Knot
But her; she's like the simplicity of happiness
And she rules over you; I can see
She rules like a dictator
It's the same power you have over me
She controls your every move
Don't you love her?
I know you long for her like a carnivore longs for meat

Are you still hungry?
I have more words for you
I'm like a bottomless pit of dreams and anger
So there's a lifetime supply of comments for you
Just please, go back to her already
You can't live on the food I can give you
Shall I compare again?
She's like the beauty of a sunrise
I'm like a sunset; much darker, sadder
She's the joyful dance; I'm the sorrowful music
We clash; we have no harmony
You know I can't compare to her
She's like a fluorescent light
People are drawn to her
You're drawn to her and away from me
I could say more, but I'll stop

Still hungry?
Is that even possible?
I'm not sure why you've remained here
I can't give you anything
You know that
Well, I guess I could...
Here, have some steak

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