October 15, 2008
As fall gets here, the temperature will change,
Shortly, we will be enslaved in the cold.
As fall comes here, Halloween will arrive,
A time where pumpkins and costumes are sold.
As fall reaches here, leaves will change colors,
A dazzling mix of red, orange, and brown.
Fall is also the time to rake the leaves,
Because fall will be the time leaves fall down.
Fall portrays the season before winter,
The period of time prior to snow.
Fall includes times of major changes
Showing summer was a long time ago.
Fall might be the last time we play outside,
Until spring approaches again next year.
Relish the warm weather while it remains,
For fall will mean that cold weather is near.
Fall is the time of the first part of school,
A long year’s ahead, filled with lots of work.
Tests, quizzes, homework, projects, and essays,
Sometimes, it seems fall just comes here to irk.
Still, fall will contain its own benefits,
Pumpkin pie, apples, and of course, football.
Baseball playoffs and maybe a corn maze,
Perhaps fall won’t be so bad after all!

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