I'll See You Soon

October 15, 2008
By Natalie Smith, Rittman, OH

Everytime I see you
My legs they get so weak
I get so very nervous
I can barely even speak

My face begins to burn
And my palms begin to sweat
I don't know why it happens
But it's happened since we met

My stomach starts to flutter
Like buttrflies in my chest
I just can't seem to talk to you
Even when I try my best

My heart begins to race
And soon i start to stutter
When I try to say hello
It just comes out a mutter

Soon after you walk by
Again my heart is calm
My stomach starts to settle
There's no sweat on my palm

Now the feeling's gone
But I'll wish upon the moon
And if my wish is granted
I'll see you again soon

The author's comments:
I love to write poetry, especially about real life experiences. So when I developed these feelings for the guy I like, I decided to write about them. I then discovered the Teen Ink website, and decided to submit something.

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