Just Love Me

October 15, 2008
By Brittney Brooks, Hudson, MA

I've been trying hard to understand
Exactly how you feel
But lately I am so confused
I've forgotten what is real

You say that you love me
And I feel this is true
So why the constant secrecy
and what am I supposed to do

I need to be honest
It's breaking my heart
The fact that you can't talk to me
It's tearing me apart

I need to know what's on your mind
I feel I have the right
I need to know what's been so wrong
So I can sleep at night

Two years we've been together
Yet we still continue to argue
I need for it to go away
Or I'll have to say we're through

This isn't what I want
I love you very much
But when you are never happy
Time seems to get real tough

I want for us to last forever
I'm hoping you want the same
I take us very seriously
To me, this is no game

I understand if things
Are going to fast for you
And to talk about the future
Is something you can't do

Believe me, I understand
Maybe more than you know
Let's try and live just for today
I don't want to make you go

Learn to open up
and trust me with your heart
Just learn to let me love you
So we will never fall apart

There are my thoughts
That's all I have to say
Can't you see I Love You
So please don't fade away.

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