Freewrite of Change

October 15, 2008
we change sometimes,
not by choice but by circumstance
we used to be led by people who held our hands
but now, they've either trailed or got lost in the crowd
and our only way out at times is...
waitin on perfect timing...
to alter our judgements.

to let something be okay now
that wasnt okay then
and still hope in the end that maybe we can still be friends
eventhough we just changed the game by time...and circumstance.

and if 30 days hath September
it's been 30 days since I can remember the last time we spoke on good terms
and good worms never squirm through bad apples...
so maybe we can uproot the bad that happened to the good apple
and keep moving...

because like change,
time is constant;
and dwelling, perpetuates growth
so all I'm asking is to perpetuate our growth...
through poetry.

and knowing me, I'll say i'm done but keep trying
say i'm living and moving on and keep dying...
but to keep is to continue...
so let's find the time to change all the things we refuse to continue...

and perpetuate emotions,
prolong late night excursions,
maintain the clashing of brains,
all the while our poetics remain...

i can feel them feel me...
writing is indeed the real me...
so like change,
my writing is constant.

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