Christo Me Ama

October 15, 2008
Teacher says Jesus was just like me

Messy hair, squirmy legs, tiny hands, chirpy voice

Teacher talks, my shoes light up

Repeat after me “Jesus loves me, yes I know”

Chanting words, little voices, guitar strings


I reach into my kangaroo pouch
Moving little lego men, hands hidden
Mumble “for the bible tells me so”
Sing louder, that’s beautiful
I’m somewhere else
Me, my lego
Beautiful, beautiful
I can’t hear you
“sí, Christo me ama”

Flashing red lights, Buzz Lightyear

“la biblia dice así”

Guitar strings, silence

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Peter Slauson said...
Oct. 20, 2008 at 5:26 am
The capital 'A's with tildes are meant to be i's with accents (í).
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