As He Carried

October 15, 2008
Courage, can you give it a name
Money, power, no, it's not the same
No it is not, courage is all by itself
It separates the brave man, from everyone else
Courage is a choice not a talent or skill
Courage is the option to complete your own will
To fight all your battles and never back down
Even when you are weak you still hold your ground
Courage is a strength that comes from your heart
An unbreakable force that won't fall apart
Some say it's outrageous and possibly dumb
But don't forget where we all are from
We come from the heaven's that are up in the sky
God had the courage to let His son die
He walked on the earth and died as a man
He had the courage to continually stand
As He carried his cross...
I pray that I can be given that same courage and strength

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