The Dark Secret

October 15, 2008
By Samantha Rogers, Clarkston, MI

When I was younger I used to think dragons exist, along
with many other stories I was told. From the beginning
you believed in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, heck even
the Tooth Fairy; but as the years passed one had to
move on and forget about the magic. As children
we were pirates, fairies, and believed in our knight and
shining armor. Only to come to the belief that your knight is
now the man who delivers pizza to your house,
the fairies were only the many leaves falling around your yard,
and the pirates were only your brothers and sisters dressed to
play the part. So why don’t we have happily ever afters
and live in big castles? Only some questions that get
asked my the thousands of children who don’t always
want to grow up and face reality, because the
truth is we’re scared. Scared of what is
next to come in this place called reality. From day dreaming to
exams, from fairy dust to the pollutions of our world,
there are many things we wish we could hide from forever
in that cardboard box that’s in your living room. To them
it’s a box, but when you step inside, all you see are endless
possibilities. So don’t let the child on you get locked away
and lets write a fairy tale for the children not yet born,
in hopes that they will carry on what we have started and
never let the story die inside the hearts of all
the people that once believed in happily ever afters.

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This article has 1 comment.

Sam said...
on Oct. 20 2008 at 3:44 pm
I do believe dragons exist and the pizza man is awesome!


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