Is this what we live for?

October 16, 2008
What do we really live for?
We live to feel pain.
We live to see many things,
Even to see ourselves go down the drain.

We live to feel heartbreaks,
And even turn to drugs including cocaine.
We live for many things,
But most of us go insane.

We live to get married,
And celebrate with champagne.
We live to see death,
And we live to entertain.

We live to get old,
And walk around with a cane.
We live to see,
And to complain.

We live for love,
And to experience a kiss in the rain.
We live for all the good things,
And everything we can gain.

Many of us live for fame,
And live in the fast lane.
But some of us are left down here,
Hopping to remain.

We live to see the after life,
But we may just live to become grain.
Many of us live for it all,
Some of us may live to be hit by a train.

We never know what life has in store for us,
But we do live to be stuck on a choke chain.
We live for all of this,
And then we can never retain.

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