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October 9, 2008
By Kara Johnson, Park City, UT

you simply took my hand and laid me down beside you,
your sweet breath upon my shoulder
and your fingertips traced my skin.
a silence fell over us
and you whispered in my ear,
"i love you".
i could only reply with the truth;
i felt the very same way
we watched the sky in awe
as every memory drifted by,
our hands clasped tighter than we meant them to be,
hoping and dreaming we'll
never have to let go.
your lips upon mine,
bursting with warmth and feeling.
your eyes met mine in perfect harmony
and i began to wonder if you
know of all the moments
you crossed my mind when you
weren't around,
your scent lingers upon my clothes
and photographs of us lit up every morning,
once, i awoke in the middle of the night
to see your body beside me,
your chest rising and falling to every heartbeat,
and a tear fell down my cheek.
but not for sadness or fright,
but for hope and faith
that my unlucky past could actually be healed by your touch
and by your very presence,
please, just promise me you realize that
not one person has the power
to change the way i feel
about you,
about us,
and about our future,
even we do give up in the end.

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