October 9, 2008
By Tyler Ekern, Elkton, SD

The weight of the rose
burdens my heart
my feelings weightless
like the sea
and she is my moon
together, we are beautiful.

The rose is all I see
and controls whats left of me
I succumbed to its embrace
and the rose drilled a hole in my heart
and made its home there
giving me aches and pains
of indescribable nature
with undeniable sensations

ever second she leaves her home
the burden becomes bigger in my heart
chaining me to the ground
and enveloping my soul
leaving an empty shell of myself
and a hollow hole
where my heart used to be

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece to inspire the regular teen with a talent to go out there and show the world you can do. Live with no regrets!

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