Simply Madness

October 23, 2013
All of this madness?
Is it really just stuck in my head or is it all real?
If it’s trapped in my mind then how do I get it to leave?
Do I ask it nicely or do I toss it out like an old couch?
When I close my eyes, I see my demise.
Is this all real or am I just hallucinating?
Maybe I am just another lunatic.
Will the asylum greet me with open arms, a warm smile and diluting medication?
What if the nurses only make this insanity worse?
I’m starting to believe that I’m doomed.
I ask myself, why, me? Why is this happening to me?
Nonetheless, the little voices in my head screech “Why not?”
The slow but steady fall of my world plays in my head 24/7.
Is this just another revolting production of my insanity?
I hope it’s just pretend but I doubt it, Lady Luck has never been on my side.
What if all of this lunacy runs so deeply through my veins?
If so, then what do I do?
Do I allow it to run its course and ruin my life?
Or do I hide it with medication that will strip me of all my senses?
So many questions so little time left to answer them.
A million questions with uncertain answers.
But this leads me back to my original question,
Is this all real or is it just pretend?

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