Awakening of Passion

October 9, 2008
By Nathan Christ, Portland, OR

Traveling the seas to where you are is difficult,
Seems to me that reaching you will be impossible,
The cycles of the moon become forty before I see
A desert full of sand and grotesque debris.

Monstrous winds kick the particle around my face,
Desperately searching for you through the sand,
I see a flash beyond the wall of earthly haze,
hoping that it is you I see and not another illusion.

Trekking past the storm, I discern that the storm
Is just a distraction and keep moving forward,
As the storm dies down, revealing new perspective,
I can see the desert led to an oasis of new life.

And even though I could not seem to find you there,
I find that what I was searching for wasn't you,
It was an awakening of passion,
To love and be loved...

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