Fire on the Sea

October 9, 2008
By Levi Holstine, Milwaukie, OR

There is a fire in the middle of the ocean,
Somehow still burning while surrounded by water,
But trying to conceal its heat.
You ask me what I think about this,
But when I speak my mind you attack and try to silence me.
Why ask a question when you don’t want to hear the answer?

Now I keep quiet unless called on,
But everyone keeps an expectant eye on me.
Too late to hide who I am,
So I’ll have to settle for keeping to a low burn.

Knowing what I think, you provoke me,
And then complain when I fight back.
You with your gaggle of friends seem to feel threatened by me,
Yet I stand alone, nobody supporting me.

I can’t keep quiet forever, but why do you need to attack me?
I’m not attacking you, merely stating what I believe.
Why is it so different when I speak up,
Just because the words are not the same?

I’m growing tired of watching what I say.
I am the flame adrift on the sea,
And you want me to hide my heat?
it’s time to make some steam.

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