October 9, 2008
Every morning, day and night thinking, worrying,
What you’re doing, where you’re at… My heart pounding
with fear harder and harder every moment you’re in my mind.

Sad thoughts, sad feelings, missing you with my spirit,
Sometimes angry, fighting, wanting to see you at all times,
It just makes me worry.

In the house of the Lord I praise him, but looking at you when you
are there breaks my heart, the distraction in your life makes me fall apart.
I worry, now that you can do whatever you want, although I know you wouldn’t do
anything to hurt me, I still worry, because I LOVE YOU……

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Elmer R. said...
Oct. 17, 2008 at 7:13 pm
i wrote this poem for a very special person....at the time we would argue about her and her friends, her bad things in her life that messed me up and it really hurt, i wrote this for anyone that feels the same but also for my special girl, you know who you are, i love you
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