A Dream to Close to Reality

October 9, 2008
As the sun fades
And the moon slips silently into the night
The crickets begin to chirp
And the woods become alive

Inside my house all is still
Except for the clock
And the sounds of soft breathing
I lie in my bed, gazing at the ceiling

Everything maybe quiet
But inside my head
A universe stirs and moves
Not waiting for instruction

A world simple yet broad
A place of speech and life
Of word and actions
A place of my creation

As my sleepy night
Comes to an end
My dreams stir and twist
And change its picture

This time, my lively world
was gone
and nothing but darkness
was left

An upsetting place
For weeping and sorrow
For anger and fear
Its a place where everything is real

Dark shadows
And watchful turns
Lead you through
The different roads

But where are we going
Along this turning road
Is there a point
Is there hope

Life turns twists again to reveal
An unexpected sight
It was my house
Half dark
Half light

How strange these dreams
Have become
To take me in somewhere so dear and sweet
Then to roll me into this horrid place

Was it a sign
A helpless warning?
Or just a dream
Along my wild journey?

My eyes strain to see
What now laid before me
But as the light faded
I saw a shape in the shadows

It was a young girl
Leaning against the wall
Head turned away
But she heard me coming

She turned her head at me
She was still in the shadows
I wanted her to come into the light
So I could see her clearly

But she must have read my thoughts
For she walked away from the wall
And into the light
She said thank you, she was me

My look-alike twin
She seemed different from me
But she was more like me then I thought
But if thats me who am I?

My ways through these strange worlds
Have led my thoughts to thinking
In a dream
Shouldn't things be pleasant?

But apparently not
So I want to wake up
And return to the life I was living
To fix it before...

Before this dream comes to life
To the world I live in

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