Strong Souls

October 9, 2008
By Conor McNamara, Durham, NH

Negroes look forward to freedom
Told, “this is the white man’s kingdom”
Sick and tired of riding in the back
Held up fists, symbols of black
The horror of segregation
Tearing apart a unified nation
The King had a dream
Thoughts of a more peaceful theme
That we could live together
But good things don’t last forever
Why can’t we live as one?
Why is hate measure in tons?
Cops put black voices to silence
Elevating cold hate to violence
Firemen come out with a hose
People scream, curl their toes
Couldn’t sleep, life already was a nightmare
KKK riding in the moons bright glare
Separated, drank out of a different fountain
Strong souls, with hearts of gold never caught poutin’
The world needs to walk in a new direction
Make up mistakes, make corrections
Justify the killing of Emmy Till
Courts sit around while blood still spills
Black children wanted to go to school
Stuck beneath the confederate’s rule
Malcolm’s words were so powerful
They were hard to swallow
The magnificent path he led
Was too smart for the south to follow
And when Martin spoke, people were listening
Reaching far towards a light, it was glistening
A sun was setting another rising
A bigger one and not just bright, but shining
Almost complete with a journey to peace
Equality spreading from west to east
After long years of pain they were fed up
But day in and day out, kept their heads up
They kept fighting through the ignorance
But kept it peaceful, kept innocence
Equality was the goal and still is the goal
Some day racism won’t take its toll
Cut through the white robes and hate
And some day the world won’t discriminate

The author's comments:
My names conor and i dont really like my english teacher at the moment, but my teacher from last year in 8th grade was really creative and she is the one who inspired me to write my poems i also was published in the fall 2008 poetry journal edition too. i also do a lot of photography and especially dig doing abstract shots in black and white or skateboarding surfing photos with my lomographic diana with a fisheye or my canon ae-1 with a wide angle. yeah thats pretty much what i like to do :]

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