The Good 'Ole Days

October 9, 2008
By Anonymous

Remember the days when everything easy?

You could live each day care-free not being so busy!

Not a worry in the world could soar through your mind

Except for: more fun that you would need to find!

Remember the days when you dreaded the afternoon nap?

And for comfort you would sit on your parents lap.

Saturday morning cartoons were something to look forward to.

And remember when shopping with your mom was cool?

Now you might look like a fool!

There were no worries of the future to come.

And no guilt hovering over you of things of the past.

But now, time flies by so fast.

Remember how slow time would go by?

But now it seems everyday is a race

The clock leaves us no space.

You never thought someday you’d grow up!

You always thought of the growing up to be scary . . .

Like a haunted house

In the end it’s not so bad.

But you wouldn’t consider doing it again.

Summer days were never ending being nice and long.

Now things seem so wrong.

Looking back might make you sad.

When you have all those memories on your mind,

You wish you could find:

The good ‘ole days you left behind!

You turn your back kissing them a good bye.

Watching it disappear as you turn a blind eye.

For all you can do now, is live your life in the present.

And cherish it like a precious diamond

Taking care of it the best you can!

Still trying to chase your impossible dreams,

You become distracted by reality.

You sit and pondering;


Will I ever live that same life

That I did in the good ‘ole days?

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