unobtainable star

October 9, 2008
A vision of white
Standing in front of a moment in time
They use to stand hand in hand
Never an utter of distrust
Now there both at subjects of lust
Break this gap we fill in black tare
This was never what we were
But now its what we are
Departed from all those visions of fluorescent white
They fade and mesh into the night
How could this be the end
It is
We said we’d hold on forever
Forever came today
I never wanted to let you go and walk away
I did and so did you
Walking away in opposite directions you peer back
That was a last chance
But you turned your back
I closed my eye’s
How could I forget about that
It’s just another night
Disappearing into the stars
Ill lock you there
Where ever you are
I can see the star
Like that vision you seem so obtainable
But like cold hard fact
You’re a universe away
To big to catch
Just a vision I lock into place
I’ll keep you there
A violent white ray
It burns my sight
I wont forget about you tonight
As you disappear into the moonlit street
I hold your last words with me
You’ll always be there to me
Turn my back ill let you be
You never wanted to be with me
It’s a star way of in the galaxy

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