Our Journey

October 9, 2008
Our Journey

We met when I was with
The former guy
I was introduced as his girlfriend
You seemed disappointed

Seven days later
My heart was a piece of paper
Torn into shreds
You called to ease the pain
We talked for hours
It seemed like a new beginning
New best friends

Through all the gossip
I herd the news
You liked me
What was I supposed to do?
How am I supposed to like you back?
How am I supposed to get over him?
Turn our friendship into love?

I felt the same
But didn’t know how to behave
How to convey my passion

We went out to dinner
And talked for hours
I knew I loved you
I said three specific words
You said them right back

The next day
I was introduced as your girlfriend
And I will never forget
The dazzle in your eyes
Your green sometimes brown
Astounding eyes

Today we are holding hands
Living in an apartment
Paying our own rent
I have you by my side
On our new road to the future

It started out horrendous and
Transpired into impeccable

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