your all i see

October 9, 2008
By Anonymous

My eyes are staring directly at you
You are all I see and when I look at you
Butterflies fly around in my stomach
Like bees flying around a garden of flowers
My heart pounding a million times a minute
All I want is to tell you how I feel
And that you the one I’ve always wanted
But the courage isn’t quite there
I fear that you might reject me
And leave me shattered inside
As I look your way
I want to hear you say that you feel the same way
I stare as if you’re the only person that exists
I want my eyes to meet yours
So you feel what I feel everyday
You look my way
Noticing that I’m in a daze
I can feel it, the connection
That I want so bad
That I know is there and that you feel it too
I smile with a grin
Then you say
I like you too

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