Please Don't Die

October 9, 2008
I cry myselfe to sleep every night.
I am SO worried about you.
I love you oh so much.
You are my best friend,
And I know she doesn't love you, but that is NO reason to try to kill yourself.
I am beggining you not to die.
Don't you remember when I thought I was in love with you?
I've been where you are, and I understand how you feel,
But if you care about me the slightest little bit then you will stay.
You will stay here and hold me as I sob, giving thanks to God that you are still alive.
You will stay here and love me and care for me as I do you.
You are my best friend, and I am telling you that I need you here with me.
Please, please, PLEASE DON'T DIE!!!!!

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Shahed said...
Jun. 13, 2010 at 12:55 pm

I felt each line in this poem. 20/20! Great Job!


Check out my work, I like yours ..

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