The Three Little Piggies

October 8, 2008
Pigs feet,
The houses are neat
The big bad wolf
Came to eat.

On their way to find their fortune
They unluckily got misfortune.
Two little piggies weren't so smart,
But one little piggy had a great heart

The 1st little piggy made his house out of straw,
A house that you could probably gnaw.
The 2nd little piggy made his house out of sticks,
And the 3rd little piggy made his house out of bricks.

And what do you know?
The wolf came to blow,
Blow the houses down
Leaving the piggies with a frown.

But soon the little piggies got their revenge,
And they knew that they would never be friends.
So they caught him and boiled him in a pot,
A pot that was big and boiled so hot.

Ever since then, no one saw the evil beast,
So they celebrated, and had a feast.
The three little piggies were so very proud,
And they had another party-
Everybody was allowed!

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