October 16, 2013
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Terror makers have no religion,
That’s what I have come to believe,
They attack the rich and the minion,
And make innocents leave,
Their cherished homeland.
They gun down their own brothers,
Say its revenge, oh! Their eyes filled with sand.
Stab their helpful neighbours,
And blame it on their God.
I, a little girl with no guns or rocket,
Ask you in the name of the Lord,
Which is that religion on your locket?
That preaches you to kill and behead.
I know that you don’t and will not understand,
But beware of the fallen who will be led,
By the girl who hides her holed head,
Under her frail head gear,
I know this paper you will tear.
But beware and hear!
Her voice is getting stronger,
His voice is getting stronger,
Their voices our getting stronger,
Our voices are getting stronger.
Let the weapons drop from your bloody hands.
Let the innocents return back to their lands,
Show your brothers and neighbours,
Your helpers and supporters,
The mercy and love you know,
See, this is your religion that you still don’t know!

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