The Tale of Two Leaves

October 8, 2008
By Erda Luo, Los Angeles, CA

The Tale of Two Leaves
We are two leaves from a tree
We were born on the same branch
We were raised in the same sky
We were determined to be together
Since the beginning of our lives

When snow took off its white coat
From the spring breeze
I couldn’t wait to sprout
To enjoy the delights of Nature
Every drop of dew
Every breath of breeze
Every beam of shine
Every shape of cloud
All carved in my immature heart

At this time
I noticed you beside me
Lifting your slender body from the branch
I would have liked to give you a hand
But I was too weak to help you
I prayed in silence
Hoping you could grow up peacefully
Under the shinning of sunlight
Accompanied by the breeze
Beneath the roar of thunder
Refreshed by the shower of rain
We spent our brief childhood

I grew up
I found myself maturing
My body was stronger and stronger
My colour was darker and darker
My surface was rougher and rougher
You also grew up
I began to notice your beauty
Your graceful body
Your vivid colour
Your tender skin
Your charming face
Your every movement
Your every posture
Enchanted me so much
That I felt bound to you forever

We gazed upon each other
For so long
We did not know romance
We did not know passion
But we knew that
Being together was our greatest fortune

Oh Horae, goddess of time!
Did you store
Our fantasy of the clouds?
Did you record
Our wish in the stars?
That is our love
We love in the blue expanse of the sky

Sun rose and set
The Dipper turned and stars shifted
Age marked our bodies with yellow prints
We were slowly moving to the ultimate of our lives
But in my eyes
You were always charming
Because of your pursuit of happiness
Because of your longing for beauty
Because of your yearning for future
Because of your satisfaction with life

Our slender bodies
Flickered in the autumn winds
Other leaves fell silently
Upon the branch remained only our lonely shades……

One day
A chilly wind uprooted us
I could finally touch you in midair
Your emaciated face
And your faded body
When I was about to forfeit my soul
We embraced tightly
Nothing could ever separate us
Till the seas dry up and boulders crumble

The author's comments:
(I am sorry but in my previous submission of this poem, I typed the wrong address. This is the correct address.)

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