Asking for Your Forgiveness

October 8, 2008
I asked the ivy to wind itself around my outstretched arm
So I can watch it grow for years until my skin is gone

I asked the path to turn its way to the corners of the world
‘Cause I would love to see the things that I have only heard

I asked the tides to grab my feet and pull me out to sea
Because it would be nice to know if you would search for me

I asked the wind to whisper something cunning in my ear
And I would laugh at all the things that no one else could hear

I asked the shadows to walk away and leave me here with you
But honestly, I’m always scared of you leaving me too

I asked the seasons not to change and give us some more time
Time is all I really need to show you that you’re mine

I asked the earth to shake a bit and tell me I’m alive
Because without you I don’t feel so whole within this life

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