October 8, 2008
By Avery Scott, Roanoke, VA

My shoes release
the metal scaffold
it shrinks behind me
I don't look back
I want this

I stretch out my arms
Leaning into the wind
It is pushing me
up from the ground,
begging me not to fall

I let it look over me,
examining my worth
My eyes open wide,
staring at the quickly
approaching end

I feel the weight
of icy wind
fold my eyelashes
toward my face,
They tickle my eyelids

My lips try to smile
but the constraint of the wind
distorts my mouth
into a smirk
I feel heavy
in the weightlessness
of the crisp air

As I hurtle toward the earth
I see faces of strangers
looking up at me in anguish
their mouths covered by
shaky hands




The closure of my life
inches nearer with
every breath
The ground rising to meet
my fall

I feel everything
all at once
All my emotions
hitting me like
the pressing of my body
On the pavement

I watch my vision
turn hazy as the
thread of the earth
become the threads
in my pillow

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