Why I Wont Get Out Of Bed

October 8, 2008
Waves tickle
The foot of the slender
I step tenderly
On the slippery rocks
Holding my arms
Out for balance

I reach the biggest one
Slowly sliding atop it
I crouch there
The stormy wind
Blowing my hair
Across my face

I close my eyes
Breathing in the
Salty sea air
Freedom surrounds me
There are truly
No boundaries here

I feel my body lift
As if I am the breeze itself
The ground falls from me
I try to reach for it
But my seaside home is gone
Somehow, I don't feel lost.

I am soaring across the sky
Looking down on
The turquoise earth
I spread my arms
Welcoming the intense
Liberty that the wind provides

The sky falls down around me
A loud alarm rings in
Through my ears
I rub my eyes
Trying to wipe away this panic
Opening them, I find that
Reality has returned to me

I quickly hush
The deafening alarm
Slamming my hand
On the snooze button

I sigh, and pull my blankets
Across my shoulders
Wishing to return to the
land that I have imagined
I can do anything in this world
And hide from the unbearable
Maze of life.

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