Here's My Thought to You

October 8, 2008
For months and years you were my friend
A blessing from above
But then you went behind my back
And stole my only love
For months and months I was a fool
Believing he was true
I never thought there was another
Or that it would be you
He was easily disposable
A boy who would never last
You were important, my very best friend
And now you’re in my past
You may have won the battle
But I will win the war
I won’t lose sleep, or cry at night
But I will even up the score
So here’s my thought to you my “friend”
I hope that you are glad
To know that you have hurt someone
But one more thing to add:
While you are holding onto him
And I am out here free
Just know that when he looks at you
He’s really thinking of me

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