My Nightmare

October 8, 2008
By Xian Chen, Hawthorne, NY

Introduce you to this deadly dream
A dream as real as it may seem
I fell one day into a lifeless sleep
In the darkness, oh the shadows' so deep
I saw sad figures in the Gates of Hell
It hurts me deeply to see this gate
And to this gloomy place, my soul had fell
Here I shall enter, my destined fate
Here's my home, here I'll dwell
And in this place, I am full of hate
There's no hope to my pleading woe
In my veins, the pain's so true
My tears fell, in the color of blood
Crying incessantly, till it flood
My life is dark, and it's a thrill
The longer I stay, the more I want to kill
For my last seconds, for my last breath
I was tortured to my death

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