Pause to Reflect; Play to Resume

October 8, 2008
A rock is tossed over the textured faults

of the weathered bridge
While a woman dances graciously to songs of her past,
Songs of serene and everlasting melody,
Locking and intertwining in the faint air.

Presence is lost and entangled in a blur

of motion and spectrum,
Gliding every so beautifully
in the eyes of the elegant woman,
For the woman’s eyes are closed.

I want to take this moment to pause for eternity
I want to take this moment to just …breathe.
Because I know, eternity only passes as subjective
But for once, does reality determine imagination?

For an instant, time is only a concept
For a brief second, the song is paused;
For the first time, the woman opens her eyes
And within a hesitant glance,
The past takes sides, as it glides along with

a newly-played tune carried in the breath of the wind.

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