We all have our demons

October 8, 2008
I went walking late that night
To simmer in silence and relish
The simplicity presented by nothing more than what
The moon and the stars and the night and the wood embellish
Empty minded ponderings of nothing in particular
Without any thought to perverse iniquity in all of its obscurity
I simply enjoyed my dark walk

I could see it all through the ragged brush
The initiaition, the deliverance, the breakdown and final crush
The broken handle of the man as it broke
Broke his vision of what reality amassed
You know what devotion and the mind together may invoke
When one crumbles leaving the other love's fire to stroke

I watched them
Her black dress flounced and clung to her body beneath the sky
Playful though vanity trailed in a veil behind
He, disheveled brown hair and admiring dark eyes
slumped and passive so appeared even from afar
To savor her every move as
Perfection adhered in a single flesh of star
And as it goes their conversation reached my ear
She herself amassed what the man would soon surpass
Laughing that cliché bell pitched snarl of malice
Brunt blunt and cruel and vindictive
His eyes burned in her words
The veil fell to revealing her motives

She couldn’t see though there was a crack in the sky
And neither could he through his reddened eyes
Before the wind saw the shape
Nor the moon glanced the glare
Before I screamed the words to incite her escape
I watched the fumes consume his passive nature
His strong hands, her thin neck
Sweating and heaving heat over took his breathing so
He blindly plunged that fire through and deep
Twisted out his rage and mourning
Spit his red to and from her throat
Shook her like her callous smile had crept
Unfair unfocused uncommitted parted in bitter splintered bone death

She lay in the field with the holes in the sky
Fingers curled placidly in ultimatum
Glassy incoherent concrete reality lined the vanity of her face
And he lingered over the stillness staring
Realizing the edge his poker had enfaced
His fire stuttered then blazed brighter
And though the embers smoldered hot enough to braze
The pleasantry the tattered moonlight glazed
I watched him shiver as he walked away

And although no one but I
Would discover what came to pass that day
He remained
Frozen and unknowingly caught in her deadened gaze
She raised her bloodless neck followed and became
A demon molded within
She haunted inside the wrinkles and crevices and actions of his mind
Every time he glanced in the mirror
The recollection of her eyes startled him.

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